Small businesses with outstanding individuals have always played an important role in the rapidly evolving software industry. While well known stories like those of Apple, Borland, Lotus, Microsoft and Sun have filled the imaginations of our new entrepreneurial generation, few realize that many more small software businesses have filled many more niches in many more markets, and that small players continue to play large roles throughout the world.

What the best large enterprises have come to realize, is that leveraging the entrepreneurial software sector is critical to their long-term success. They realize that small businesses have inherent advantages in:

  • understanding and assimilating emerging technologies
  • offering freedom (both artistic and work-environment related) to their employees
  • attracting world-class talent to the point-of-attack (via equity and options)
  • backing products with unparalleled pride of authorship

In addition, the emergence of the world-wide Internet created conditions that were conducive with a new model for a small software development company, a model that could take advantage of low cost international communications, low barrier-to-entry world-wide product marketing opportunities, home office broadband, and a new breed of experienced software developer, who wanted more freedom and a chance to have more involvement with their families and communities.

Metadynamics was founded in 1998 in Mequon, Wisconsin. Metadynamics' vision was to attract a network of world-class talent with a structure much like a law firm. This Internet-era company would establish a national marketing presence with a minimal overhead structure, by taking advantage of Internet product marketing, home office broadband, e-mail and instant messenging communications and workstation-class portable computers. Externally, the vision called for the formation of a nation-wide small business network that could cultivate itself via cooperative marketing, inter-company service and support, and joint software development agreements.

Metadynamics today provides world-class software design and development services, and is bringing to market a wide-range of software products for markets ranging from Enterprise systems to Home Networks to Voice over IP (VoIP) systems to Industrial Communications and Process Control. All of the company's offerings leverage decades of software development experience on dozens of commercial products.

Metadynamics continues to strive to produce innovative products and services that meet our customers' evolving needs. Thank you for your interest in Metadynamics.